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IP Utilities

IP Validator - Validates an IP address string. Accepts both IPv4 and IPv6. Example of valid IP adress strings:, 200:2:2::1

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IP Abbreviator - Abbreviates an IPv4 or IPv6 string into an Internet standart format string. Examples:  IPv4: abreviates to IPv6: 2001:0070:1f1c:0694:000:00:0001:02 abreviates to 2001:70:1f1c:694::1:2

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IP Expander - Expands an Ipv4 or IPv6 address string. Examples:  IPv4: expands to, Ipv6: 2001:70:1f1c:694::1:2 expands to 2001:0070:1f1c:0694:0000:0000:0001:0002

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