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IP Database Search

Our IP online database contains over 28 million IP ranges, IPv4 and IPv6, and it is accurate to around 90% within a radius of 100 miles for US and Europe and 99.8% for country only discovery.

The search engine speed is amazing, even for web queries like this one. For even much faster search speed, bulk searching and data mining capabilities, you must use our special AW IP Locator software.

We are aware that some IP search engines provide additional data, such as latitude, longitude, elevation, time zone, zip code or weather information. However, such information is absolutely useless because it builds on top of information which already has some degree of certainty. For example, how usable is a latitude, longitude, elevation or zip code if we, and all the others, are completely unable to pinpoint the IP address location, with a reasonable degree of certainty, within a radius of 10 miles?


Query up to 200 IP Addresses (IPv4 and IPv6) per Day (used 0/200):




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