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Email Validator


  • Email validation is done without sending an email to the email address. The recipient will never know you performed the validation.
  • We do not record and collect email addresses. They are immediately discarded - after validation they disappear forever and for good from our server.
  • We believe you guessed this: the tool is 100% free. You can validate up to 20 email addresses per day for free.

Email validation consists of 3 operations:

  • Syntax check. In other words, is the email formatted according to the pertinent internet standards?
  • MX record search and validation. In other words, can we find the address of an email server for the domain part of the email address?
  • Mailbox availability. In other words, is the email server ready to accept an email message for that email address?

Our Email Validator supports international characters in both the Local Part and Domain Part (localpart@domainpart). To deal with that:

  • You must check Relaxed Syntax when the Local Part contains international characters.
  • You may need to check Local Part as UTF8, to make the validator convert the Local Part to UTF8. This is not always required, depends on the email server itself.
  • You don't have to be concerned about the Domain Part because the Email Validator knows how to handle that in a proper way.

A final feature of this Email validator is the capability to detect Catch-All email addresses, when you check the box Detect Catch-All. A Catch-All email address is usually a false valid email address and emails sent to it end bouncing and the sender included in a spam list.


Query up to 20 Email Addresses per Day (used 0/20):



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